Friday, February 14, 2014

Guest Mix from DJ Chicus

Happy Valentine's day!  We got a surprise gift in the inbox today!
Brooklynite, man about town & old school DJ compadre ~ DJ Chicus blesses us with a killer mix for the lovin' season! When he's not busy running Redbud Records [Reggae] & Dither Down Records [Nu-Disco/House/Indie] ~ Chad is busy slinging wax around the world.

Big ups for including the McBoing Boing Lazer Dub version of Sheila Hylton's "It's Gonna Take A Lot Of Love"!

And now a few words from the selectah:
"It's a few of days before valentines day when I remember that I had intended to put out a mix then. But am I even inspired to do so and what type of mix will it be? As I start to sort through different love songs in multiple genres I quickly realized that I wanted to do a reggae mix. This was partly out of inspiration through the strength of the songs and partly because it had been so long since I had made a straight reggae mix. As I started sorting songs for various themes I quickly realized that many of the hottest songs I was considering were sang by women. Since I love niche mixes, I instantly knew what I had to do. So I put together this rather deep and soulful collection of choice love songs sang by some of the first ladies of reggae, both old school and new school. As usual you will hear many covers of different classics and an edit, remix or dub here and there."

 Enjoy! McBB

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